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Achieving Boardroom Excellence

     Taking your Boardroom to the Next Level

Increase your profits and accelerate your ROI with a 360 degree appraisal of your operations and strategy.

Why choose Us!

Impact comes from Insights which lead to breakthroughs

The Next Level for World Class Directors

Do you feel your board is stagnant and lacks contributing in meetings? Are you frustrated that your expectations are unmet? Does your company lack accountability?

This cutting edge program will help any board of directors to segregate and clearly distinguish between management and governance. The Macro level discussions at board level are paramount for the scalability of your business. This program is a step by step guide for your Board making it a key growth enabler for your company.

  • Have sustainable strong growth model

  • Add traction in your board execution

  • Elevate your Board Capability and Impact

  • Have a highly skilled and competent board

Who is this Program for?

CEOs, Directors, and Executives. Those aspiring to take up Non- Executive Director positions, Chairperson or any Board position.

Coaches and Consultants who want to train boards, or serve in various board positions.

Applicable to all sizes of companies.

Expected outcome

Sharpened Governance Competencies and Skills

Highly Effective Decision Making

Sound Leadership

Why This Program?

This program has exceptional value triggers throughout. There are also multiple board-level questions within the program sharpening your intelligence.

This is a 3-week fully animated and professionally dubbed program that has been condensed sharing the best insights.

Overcome these Challenges

Lacking Direction

Conflicts of Interest

Lacking Dynamism

Weak Culture

Irrelevant Complexities

The single most critical factor to Business Sustainability is increasing your capability through relevant training and development.

What this Program Includes

Week 1 

Corporate Governance Outline

Board of Directors

Board Structure

Board Composition

Roles of the Directors 

10 Qualities of an Effective Director

Financial Intelligence

Qualities of an Effective Chair

Week 2

Effective Governance Board

10 Functions of Effective Governing Board

Shareholders and Stakeholders Reputation

Responsible Director Questions

Appointment of Management

Governance vs Management

Monitoring of Management

Succession Planning for the Board - 6 key steps

Week 3

Value Board Drivers

Making Board Meetings Productive

8 Tips for Creating Productive Board Meetings 

Managing Group Dynamics

Value Setting, Responsibility, and Ethics

Progressive Tips

Tone at the Top

Bonuses and More

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Governance Edge

Video Based Program

This is an unedited Impact Driven Video Program sharing a different perspective for Board Excellence

Power of Integration

Video Based Program

This offers a completely different board perspective using a system based approach.

14 Day Guarantee

Our Promise

We will drip feed a module every week. If within 14 days you don't find this of value, please let us know and we will refund in full.

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