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Board Advisor/Governance Coach

Businesses with Turnover over $5 Million Annually

Why choose Us!

It's Time to Leverage your Board

Scale up your Company to a new level

Does your board truly focus on Long Term initiatives? Does all your board members add value to full potential? Are there certain areas you wish you could change at board level but find it difficult?

If you find the above questions apply to your company, it would be imperative for you to make changes before it is too late.

The biggest problem boards face is the level of value they add overall. Ensuring that discussions are focused on relevance and existing resources to ensure sustainability is critical especially during these difficult times.

We are offering a free no obligation session to allow you to see first hand the impact we can make to your overall board effectiveness.

  • Clarity 50,000 Feet to 50 Feet

  • Highly Effective Decisions

  • Strong Leadership pipeline

  • Forward looking Board

  • Stronger Cash Flows and Earnings

Who is this for?

Any business with a gross revenue of over $5million annually.

Family businesses, professionals, private companies, partnerships in all sectors. of all sizes including PLCs

Why you need a board advisor

AIf you want to stand apart and have a unique edge that will enable you to attract investors, funding and help you scale up, you need a board advisor who can position your company better. Irrespective of the size of your company the diversity in perspectives can maximize value to your business

Our Approach

We initially would have a free one on one session to ascertain whether we are the right fit. As in all our services, you will get maximum value from this free meeting.

Upon approval, we will conduct a detailed assessment at the top accompanied with various information. Based on all the insights, we will subsequently attend the board meetings with an intention to ensure your board optimizes its time focusing on the core aspects of the business.

Due to the rapid global changes, it is recommended to have board-level meetings at least every 6 weeks. This again depends on the size and complexity of your business.

Bonuses & More

FREE access to :

Our Governance Programs worth over $2000

These programs have Greenlight status Award from the UK Trade and Investment