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Boardroom Excellence

             For Small, Mid and Large Business with over $5 Million Annual Revenue 

High Performing Boards

  • Leveraged at the Top

  • Clarity Top Down

  • Strong Leadership Pipeline

  • Increase Brand Value

  • Sound Succession Planning

  • Eliminate Conflicts at the Top

  • Highly Cost Effective Investment

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    3 Packages That Will Shape the Future of your Company

    Laser Focused on Board Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Board Advisor/Coach

    Cost Effective Retainer - No long term contracts


    ·    Weak Board Appraisals

    ·    Lacking Accountability

    ·    Passive Board Members

    ·    Conflicts of Interest

    ·    Weak Decisions


    ·    Dynamic Board of Directors

    ·    Leveraged Meetings

    ·    Board Scalability System

    ·    Results Driven

    ·    Leveraged Strategy

    and much more...

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    Governance Workshop

    Virtual/In person - 8 Hours with personalised guidelines


    ·  Tone at the Top (Misaligned)

    ·  Operational

    ·  Lacking Sound Leadership

    ·  Business as Usual

    ·  Low Morale and Poor Culture


    ·    Highly Competent Board

    ·    Leveraged and Value Driven

    ·    Strong Company Performance

    ·  Clarity Top Down

    ·    Confident and Contributory

    and much more...

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    Achieving Boardroom Excellence

    Award Wining Online Program



    ·   Lacking Confidence

    ·   Ineffective Decision Making

    ·   Lacking Direction

    ·   Struggles Top Down

    ·   Stagnant and Non Contributory


    ·   Ability to Identify Signals

    ·   Strong Company Reputation

    ·   Sound Leadership

    ·  Sound Succession Planning

    ·  Highly Skilled Directors

    and much more...

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