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Board Excellence-Governance Workshop

Businesses with Turnover over $10 Million Annually

Why choose Us!

Sharpen Your Board Intelligence

The Governance Edge 2022 Workshop

Virtual/In Person

Is your overall board lacking focus on leveraged Strategic Drivers? Do you feel your board could contribute more? Do you find board meetings distracted from the core issues? Is your board holding back the deserved growth? Do you have challenges with cash flow and governance?

These are key questions to consider and if these reflect your current circumstances, I press upon you to take up our free one hour consultation. During this consultation, we will not only ascertain whether we are the right fit, but also get clarity in your business roadmap.

The 2022 Business Playbook is full of uncertainty. Take advantage of this free value driven board session which will help you in your overall company growth.

  • Core Accountabilty

  • High Performing Board

  • Strong Leadership pipeline

  • Competitive advantage

Who is this for?

Any business with a gross revenue of over $10 million annually.

Family businesses, professionals, private companies, partnerships in all sectors. of all sizes including PLCs

Expected Outcome
  • Competitive and Dynamic result driven board
  • Focused and Time Leveraged
  • Clear, Confident and Competent Board
  • Board Aligned to Company's purpose and values
  • Value Driven and Dynamic Board
Our Approach

We will initially hold a free consultation session to ensure that there is a mutually right fit.

Upon approval, we will craft a set of tailor-made questions surfacing the core areas of governance and boardroom concerns. We subsequently develop a workshop program that will include frameworks, break-out sessions, guidelines, and value-driven insights including a personalized program manual and workbook with a core focus in achieving boardroom excellence.

You will also receive a video recording of the whole event.

Bonuses & More

FREE access to :

3 Governance Programs  worth over $2000

This program has Greenlight status Award from the UK Trade and Investment.

FREE Board Appraisal worth $5000